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Delegate Reviews

"This is my 3rd time at AGM; it’s different every year. It’s a good update for global medicine and it’s a fantastic opportunity to update the way that I practice medicine for my kidney patients as they are complex and have multiple needs.”  
Dr Stephen Morgan, Consultant Nephrologist, Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital and NHS trust.

“AGM is a great event with such a great choice of sessions with brilliant content, I would definitely recommend this event to my colleagues.” 
Dr Uzma Khan, Consultant Physician, Heat of England Foundation Trust

“I haven’t been to an event quite like this one before; it’s a great way to get a general overview and to gain CPD points as a locum” 
Dr Helen Brown, Locum Consultant Care of the Elderly, Southend Hospital


“It’s my first time at AGM, I got recommended by colleagues to attend as they found it really informative. I have an interest in Acute and General Medicine long term and I will definitely be attending next year as well” 
Dr Mathew Thomas, Doctor, Wirral University Teaching Hospitals

I have been coming to AGM since it started. I find it brilliant way to get an overview of medicine and it’s good to network with people across so many specialities. This year has been a great conference programme, with so many good sessions.” 
Dr Ashit Kumar Shetty, Consultant Stroke Physician, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust

“It’s my second time at AGM; I came back for the broad spectrum of sessions, there have been some eye-opening talks this year. The speakers have been fantastic and very interactive with the audience. There’s an excellent range of exhibitors which I enjoy seeing and are very interesting. I always recommend AGM to my colleagues and I will be back next year.” 
Dr Tunde Nejo, Physiatrist Consultant, Locum

Testimonials Review

“AGM is great, it has good updates in every field, and it’s a brilliant way for me to get a general overview of medicine. The speakers are fantastic and the sessions have been very interesting.” 
Dr Christopher Farmer, Renal Consultant, East Kent University NHS Foundation Trust

“AGM’s conference programme is brilliant value for money, it is very well organised, and the exhibitors are very interesting which creates a great environment to be part of.” 
Dr Elizabeth Jones, Consultant in Palliative Care, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“This is my first time at AGM, I have heard a lot about it from my colleagues. I think the talks cover a broad range of issues and topics and are well delivered. I would definitely recommend this event to my colleagues.” 
Dr Rob Hughes, Consultant, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“It covers everything you need to know and motivates you to keep updated. It’s the best medical programme I have ever attended, that’s why I have come back for the third time.” 
Begho Obale, Specialty Doctor Medicine University Hospital of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

 “The talks at AGM cover a good range of topics and there is something for everyone at every level here. I have come to this conference because the content is much better than that provided at other similar events.” 
Dr Chris Kirkee Liverpool, locum emergency physician

 “The topics at the AGM conference are all excellent and are aimed at the curriculum. The career development stream also has some very useful lectures. Highlights for me have included clinical talks on Parkinson’s Disease, kidney disease and cardiology and in the career development stream talks on tax affairs, inclusion, leadership and how to be an effective clinical director.” 
Dr Muhammad Murtaeza, ST 7 medicine and diabetes endocrinology, Buckinghamshire Healthcare

 “I have returned to the AGM conference after coming last year. This conference is better than other conferences that I have been to because it is bigger; it covers a wider range of subjects and is a good price. It keeps my appraisers happy.” 
Dr Paul Burns, GP, G4S Lincoln

 “AGM provides a really good update in a range of topics.  I have been particularly interested in a talk on the use of IV fluids. This is the first time I have come and I will definitely be booking a place for next year.” 
Dr Johannes Van Oppen, specialty doctor in emergency medicine, Lincoln

 “I have really enjoyed AGM, this is a nice forum for a lot of different topics on hospital medicine to come together. I’m particularly interested in accident and emergency medicine and do a lot of locums.  It has been useful to visit the exhibition because there are a lot of recruitment agencies in one place.” 
Dr Charlotte Upward, GP trainee ST2, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

“There have been a good variety of topics and the sessions have all been interesting and useful and will give me the external CPD points that I need.” 
Dr Sarah Midgley, specialty doctor, Royal Derby Hospital

“The talks have been interesting and I will be looking forward to seeing the presentations and slides online after the conference.  It has also been useful for me to visit the advanced life skills area for hands on training – I haven’t done that sort of thing for such a long time.  It will help me to explain to my patients what’s happening to them.” 
Dr Werner Hiersche

 “The AGM conference is good value for money per CPD point because it runs over a short period of time and covers a wide range of subjects.” 
Dr James Brindley, gastroenterology SpR, Royal Free Hospital


“I came last year and the content was good which is why I have come again in 2014.  The spread of the topics provides a very good update for people working in coalface medicine.” 
Dr Deblina Das Gupta, Consultant Physician, Homerton University Hospital

 “The AGM conference was recommended to me by one of my consultants who had been before. There is a variety of high quality talks which have been of great educational value.  The practical skills sessions have also been extremely good and have been taught by people who can communicate really well.” 
Dr Azeem Ahmed, Registrar, Rheumatology, Royal Berkshire Hospital

 “AGM is very informative and earns you lots of CPD points.” 
Dr Muhammad Matin, SHO Barnet Hospital

“The AGM conference is very good, an excellent event with brilliant content delivered by good speakers. It is overall a very good experience.”  
Dr Beena Hameed, Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist, Homerton Hospital

"I am a junior trainee in an acute hospital, and to be able to get two days of study leave to come to the AGM conference and get updates in a broad range of acute specialties from speakers who are at the top of their field has been really useful." 
Alex Stilwell, SHO, Conquest Hospital Hastings

"All the presentations have been very informative, clear and relevant.  I always think if you can go away from a talk with one thing that you can apply then it has been worthwhile.  There is a great choice of topics at AGM and I like the fact that if two talks have clashed they are often repeated later in the programme so that you can have a second bite at the cherry." 
Dr Alison McClung, consultant geriatrician, Royal Worcestershire Hospital

"AGM is a really good conference, I would recommend it to anyone working in emergency medicine.  The topics have covered most of the things we see in acute medicine. I made a list of the presentations I wanted to hear before I came and in two days I have been able to get a really good update in all the new developments in all the different acute specialties and brush up on day-to-day management of patients." 
Dr Ajay Chawla, consultant in emergency medicine, Scunthorpe General Hospital

"The Acute and General Medicine conference is a great place to exchange ideas and network." 
Dr Anton Joseph, retired consultant radiologist

"This conference is outstanding value for money and a great opportunity to ensure that you are up-to-date with current best practice in acute and general medicine." 
Dr Daniel Boden, Emergency Medicine Consultant

"The conference offers a very good overview and good value for money.  The Royal College of Physicians do events at two or three times the cost and are generally a hotch potch of research – this is much more useful, hands on and practical." 
Dr Stephen Morgan, Basildon & Essex UH

"Overall the programme is very strong and well organised.   I have exams in January and this is a good way to get data on the latest treatments.   The stands are also useful – the broadness of it is very interesting." 
Dr Daniela Grandil, F2, Queen Mary College

"One thing I really like is the ability to create your own programme – to be able to pick and choose which seminars to attend.  Also the exhibition has a much broader range of stands to most medical conferences.  The cost per CPD point is probably one of the cheapest in the country."  
Dr Gavin Francis, Arrowe Park Hospital


"I have just changed roles and this is a good opportunity to brush up on my acute skills.  I came last year and it was excellent and this year is even better.  Excellent value for money."  
Dr Gordon Campbell, Addenbrookes CUHFT

"I came last year and it was so good I booked this year on trust before I’d seen the programme.  It is very useful because it is a great mixture of clinical and professional products in one space." 
Dr Jenny MacDonald, NHNN

"There is a wide spectrum subjects of a type suitable for my CPD.  I booked very early so I got a lower priced ticket which makes it even better value.  And it gives you access to last year’s presentations online so even more value there." 
Dr David Cartlidge, BCUHB

"I came last year and it was a really good programme so had to come again and I have a very full couple of days planned.  The lectures are very good for my personal development and they have been really interesting." 
Dr Clare Walters, F2, Abertawe UHB

"Getting a good update on a lot of common acute problems.  The timing is good, 35 minutes helps the speakers be pithy and concise. At other events they can lack focus.  I have picked up something useful from each of the sessions I’ve been to – this has been a good investment of my time and very worthwhile." 
Dr Carl Brooks, Hampshire NHS

"I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good this event has been.  The quality and choice of presentations has been good and I’ve bumped into some old friends here as well which is great.  As a two day event it is decent value for money and I will be booking up for next year." 
Dr Marta Weglarz, GP

"I’ve been impressed by the diversity of the programme and also by how time efficient it is:  The RCP has a similar programme but it takes three days to cover the same ground." 
Dr Daniel Darko, NWLH

"I enjoyed my time at AGM 2013. It was very informative, educational and provided a platform to interact with other physicians. The venue was very easily accessible and convenient.  I also attended a few sessions in Hospital Directions and they were very interesting. Overall it was very good experience and value for money. I would recommend this to all my junior colleagues." 
Dr Srujan Ardhalapudi, Consultant Physician


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