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Daniela Herescu

Daniela Herescu

Medical Director, The Medical League
Daniela is a Consultant Psychiatrist with an extensive range of clinical experience that spans various settings, such as community-based practices, hospitals, secure units, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), and Adult Mental Health. Her career has been marked by a dedication to improving clinical care. To this end, she was a member of the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health services, where she took part in both self-reviews and the reviews of other services. She she served on the KSS Programme Board of Compassion Care and Patient Safety. In, she has been an RO (Responsible Officer) since 2017 Notably, Daniela has been involved with The Medical League from its inception and has played a significant role in its growth. She is their RO along with being their Deputy Medical Director. Over the years, she has held both locum and substantive roles in her profession. She has been actively involved in several development projects aimed at enhancing the quality of care for patients. She firmly believes that passion should be the main driving force behind one's professional endeavours. With the right support and team, she feels that the joy of being a doctor can transcend the many challenges and difficulties that clinicians often face in today's socio-economic climate. In her perspective, her work as a psychiatrist not only allows her to be more compassionate but also increases her level of tolerance, an invaluable asset in her field. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys a plethora of activities. Traveling, reading, and dancing top the list of her favourite pastimes. She also finds immense joy in the simple pleasures of home and family life, basking in the blissfulness that it brings.