Acute & General Medicine, 21- 22 November 2017, EXCEL LONDON



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Exhibitors Testimonials


"We came to the show to raise awareness and create new opportunities. We’ve had more interaction with delegates here than at other meetings we’ve attended. There’s been much more flow with people wandering around the exhibition throughout the day. It’s been a very good event."

"A good way of getting in front of end users so they can see our products first hand. We’ve got some leads today. Very pleased."
Source Medical

"A very positive show. It’s our second time here and even better than last year. It attracts the right audience for us and is a valuable event for driving potential contacts."

"The show has gone better than we expected in terms of contacts and leads. It attracts a broad audience and people are interested in what we have to say. It’s worked very well for us."

"This is a great show for us. We’ve had two stands this year – for the doctors and nursing side of the business – and they’ve both been really busy. We’ve had some really engaging conversations."
ID Medical

"An impressive event. Our ultrasound workshops have worked brilliantly. We’ve already booked for next year."
Fujifilm Sonosite

Testimonials Review

“Acute & General Medicine is great, it has good updates in every field, and it’s a brilliant way for me to get a general overview of medicine. The speakers are fantastic and the sessions have been very interesting.” 
East Kent University NHS Foundation Trust

“Acute & General Medicine’s conference programme is brilliant value for money, it is very well organised, and the exhibitors are very interesting which creates a great environment to be part of.” 
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“This is my first time at Acute & General Medicine, I have heard a lot about it from my colleagues. I think the talks cover a broad range of issues and topics and are well delivered. I would definitely recommend this event to my colleagues.” 
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"A good opportunity to meet specialists, connect with other exhibitors, get feedback and network. It’s a great show for our brand."

"We’ve had a lot of interest from delegates wanting information about our products and education. Our sessions have been fully booked and we’ve got a lot of leads."

"This is our third year at the show and it’s all about getting our name out there. It’s been a very positive event for us in the past and looks like another good show for us this year."
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust


"We’re very pleased with the show. We’ve been chatting all day. Delegates are genuinely interested in what we have to offer so it’s been a good education exercise. It’s important that we are here."

"You get access a wide range of medical professionals at this event. We’ve had a lot of interest from doctors, nurses as well as other professionals. For a small organisation like us, this is a great way of getting our name out there."
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

"It’s been a really busy show for us. We’ve been able to promote our new product and have had a lot of interest from doctors."
Thermo Fisher Scientific

"We’ve been busier than expected. It’s been a good opportunity to meet people who may not be aware of us, answer queries and talk to existing users about the other modules we offer."

"A great way to promote our trust and to meet potential new recruits from consultants to doctors."
Medway NHS

"This is a really good show for us. It attracts such a broad audience that we are able to pick up all sorts of delegates."
Pertemps Medical


"An excellent show. We get some great leads here. We’ll keep coming back."

"It’s our first time at this show. We’ve met people who seem genuinely interested in the trust. It’s been good to interact with the other trusts and for general networking too."
Kings College Hospital

"The show has been very worthwhile for us. We’ve introduced a new product into this area and we’re pleased with the feedback we’ve received from delegates. This is a different audience for us and by talking to delegates we are learning about the challenges they face so that we can develop the products they need in the future."
Hitachi Medical Systems

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