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  • Acute & General Medicine returns on the 15th – 16th November 2022 at Excel London as the UK’s largest and most cost – effective training opportunity for all doctors involved in emergency, acute and ad ...
  • Recurrent waves of the COVID-19 pandemic are having a huge impact on healthcare workers, and Medical Protection has called for more to be done. 
  • Government must tackle health inequalities, says new alliance

    05 Nov 2020 Mike Broad (
    A new coalition of nearly 80 organisations, brought together by the Royal College of Physicians, has been launched to press for urgent action to address health inequalities.
  • The government should divert the hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on the failing centralised privatised COVID-19 national test and trace service into local public health services.
  • How to reach out to your colleagues: An Infographic

    08 Oct 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Often times, people find 'how are you' to be quite confronting, or too direct to open up about how they are truly feeling. 
  • Socioeconomic inequalities in NHS outpatient care emerged after 2010

    08 Oct 2020 Mike Broad (
    Educated 65-year-olds and above use considerably more NHS outpatient care than their less educated peers.
  • Podcasts are the perfect solution for swamped doctors stay up-to-date and maybe even learn a thing or two.
  • Surgeons warn of “tsunami” of cancelled ops unless more NHS capacity

    08 Oct 2020 Mike Broad (
    Leading surgeons are calling for hospital beds to be ring-fenced for planned operations, to avoid a ‘tsunami of cancellations’ during the second wave of Covid-19.
  • New online tool enables doctors to calculate risk of Covid-19 exposure

    20 Aug 2020 Mike Broad (
    A newly-developed tool to help health professionals calculate the biological risk of an individual’s exposure to COVID-19 aims to help keep people safer.
  • “Wrong time” to be launching new public health body, experts say

    20 Aug 2020 Mike Broad (
    The timing of the dissolution of Public Health England by the health secretary has been strongly criticised by health experts.
  • UK’s coronavirus vaccine is safe and induces an immune response

    20 Aug 2020 Mike Broad (
    The UK’s coronavirus vaccine is safe, causes few side effects, and induces strong immune responses in both parts of the immune system, the early stage trial shows.
  • Spotlight: health heroes on social media

    18 Aug 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Doctor Doctor, who should I follow?! It's important to surround yourself with people who support you in real life, and online.
  • De-stress: Meditation for beginners

    14 Aug 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    We’ve been looking at meditation as a way to achieve this moment of calm amongst the madness.
  • How to Ease Post-Lockdown Anxiety for Doctors

    24 Jul 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Life at a distance had just begun to feel routine, but just as quickly as lockdown restrictions were implemented, they are beginning to lift across the country.
  • Liven up your lunchbox

    16 Jul 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Bringing a lunch to work not only reduces your spending, but reduces waste! 
  • It will take many NHS medical specialties up to a year or more to recover to pre-Coronavirus activity levels, research reveals
  • Government needs a PPE plan for second wave of Coronavirus

    16 Jul 2020 Mike Broad (
    The Government does not have a clear strategy to acquire and distribute the PPE required to protect clinical and care workers in a second wave of coronavirus.
  • Five things you should be asking your financial consultant

    10 Jun 2020 Veera Swali (
    What does coronavirus mean for my investments? Coronavirus has had a global impact, and there isn’t anyone that hasn’t felt the effect of the pandemic on their investments in one form or another. Ever ...
  • Dr Shanath Ramachandran, based at Leighton Hospital, Crewe, contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus after a busy week of clinical work during which cases were rapidly increasing across the UK, including in no ...
  • Looking After Your Mental Health: An Infographic

    10 Jun 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    The team at Acute & General Medicine havee created this infographic to provide ideas for improving mental wellbeing.
  • How to make the most of online education

    10 Jun 2020 Heather Jade Stanley
    1. Choose carefully – quantity doesn’t mean quality Your spare time is precious, so try to avoid a “wide net” sign-up approach. Spend time making a list of clinical challenges you’re facing and/or a v ...
  • NHS faces slow road to recovery following Covid-19 pandemic

    10 Jun 2020 Mike Broad (
    That is the message from an NHS Confederation report which warns that the health service in England faces an uphill battle as it restarts normal medical and surgical services. This challenge of managi ...
  • Wellness During a Pandemic [Plus Helpful Resources]

    06 May 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Across the country (and parts of the world), the government has told us to stay inside and practice social distancing unless considered an essential worker. Whether you’re a medical professional who c ...
  • It’s difficult to navigate the internet right now, with so much focus being on COVID-19. We encourage you to unfollow, mute, block any accounts that bring you down or give unsolicited advice. And inst ...



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