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16 Jul 2020

Liven up your lunchbox

Liven up your lunchbox
Photo credit: www.thefoodmedic.co.uk
It's very easy to chuck a salad into some tupperware and grab a banana on your way out the door, but these simple recipes are just as effortless. Check out our favourite food creations below to liven up your lunches and spruce up your snacks.





This outrageously delicious recipe requires 1 bowl and only 7 ingredients. This is the perfect break time snack to wash down with a cup of coffee when you need an energy and caffeine boost! This recipe was taken from @doctorbowl on instagram. Check out the recipe and her other creations here.



Pesto, New Potato & Chickpea Traybake 

tray bake


We wanted to include a recipe in this lineup that just needs one tray, keeps well in the fridge and is friendly for the entire family. This dish works for both lunch and dinner - it's delicious, nutritious and versatile! The Food Medic is a doctor herself so this is a tried and tested lunch box staple for a medical professional! You can look at the full recipe here.





Pistachio and Pecan Granola

granola recipe


Yes, you can grab granola ready made in a super market, but with this recipe you know exactly what goodness is going into your bites. The team here at AGM are from the school of thought that granola can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! With some milk or a big dollop of yogurt, this recipe will give you the slow release energy you need for a big shift on the ward. Check out the full recipe here.




Courgette and Sweet Potato Tots

tater tots recipe


We know how hectic your lives are, and how manic a shift in a hospital can be. Sometimes you've only got time to grab a quick snack. Well, step away from the bag of crisps and the apple that's been rolling around in the bottom of your bag and check out these absolutely delicious twist on a tater tot! Packed with veg and extremely tasty - what more could you want?! Look up how to make these tasty tots here.




Chocolate & Almond Tart

chocolate tart

Last but not least, a recipe for something sweet to tuck into when you get home after a long shift.

100g dark chocolate
300ml almond milk
30g coconut oil
200g almonds
100g flour
sprinkle of salt
1tsp baking powder
0.5 tsp baking soda
25g cacao powder
160ml maple syrup

Heat up the chocolate, coconut oil and maple syrup in a pan. Ground up the almonds into a flour-like substance. Put all of the dry ingredients together and add in the combination of oil, chocolate and maple syrup. Mix to a creamy dough, then add to a greased tin. Bake for 16-20 minutes at 180 degrees. 

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