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19 Mar 2024

Empowering Women in Medicine

Empowering Women in Medicine
In observance of International Women's Day, which fell on Friday, 8 March 2024, Acute & General Medicine is recognising a remarkable session by one of our past female speakers. At the conference last year, we had the honour of having Dr Sarbjit Clare present a session on 'Empowering Women in Medicine'.

Dr Sarbjit Clare, an acute medical consultant, deputy medical director and leader of the ‘Women Empowering Women’ within the medicine movement, delivers various workshops designed to empower colleagues. These have included sessions to address sexual harassment, bullying, speaking up to banter and violence within the NHS just to name a few.  

The session led by Dr Clare, a passionate advocate for gender equality in healthcare, highlights the pervasive challenges faced by women in the healthcare sector, including imposters syndrome, sexual harassment, lack of diversity in leadership roles and the gender pay gap. Through the session she sheds light on the importance of creating a supportive network where women can share experiences in a confidential and empowering environment. 

One of the key themes emphasized was the critical role of role modelling and mentorship in empowering women. Stressing the visibility of women in leadership positions is essential for inspiring the next generation of female healthcare professionals. Dr Clare emphasised the need for women to support each other and lift as they climb, rather than succumbing to competition or internalised sexism. 

The session also addressed the systemic issues within healthcare organisations, such as workplace violence, lack of support for women experiencing infertility, pregnancy complications, and menopause. Dr Clare highlighted the importance of changing mindsets and advocating for policies to prioritise women’s well-being and career advancement. 

Dr Clare’s call to action resonated with delegates. Urging women to challenge the status quo, apply for leadership roles, and speak up against harassment and discrimination. Emphasising that change begins with ‘each one of us’, supporting each other to create a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system. 

Despite facing numerous obstacles, women continue to make invaluable contributions to healthcare, saving lives and shaping the future of medicine. We are thrilled to be able to play a part in showcasing the fantastic work of women in medicine at our event. 

You can access the presentation and audio from Dr Sarb Clare’s ‘Women Empowering Women’ session at Acute & General Medicine 2023 HERE.

Dr Clare also hosts and podcast and has a TEDx talk entitled ‘Women Empowering Women’.