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AGM Programme 2023

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Promoting excellence and maximising delivery of UK day surgery

15 Nov 2023
Theatre K: ACC Clinical

Over 80% surgical procedures in the UK are now performed as a daycase with NHS bodies aiming to increase daycase rates to over 85%. Despite this, there remains huge variation in day surgery performance across the UK and therefore great scope for service improvement overall. Day surgery principles are key to providing efficient, effective and safe surgical care; improving the patient experience; managing the elective surgery backlog and tackling record surgical waiting lists. This session will highlight the benefits of day surgery to patients and the NHS; it will describe the optimal peri-operative management to facilitate effective day surgery and will finish with session detailing how regional anaesthesia techniques can contribute to successful day surgery.

David Bunting, President - British Association of Day Surgery
Rachel Morris, Consultant Anaesthetist - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Lindsay Hudman, Consultant Anaesthetist - Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Pallavi Dasannacharya, Consultant Anaesthetist - St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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