ACC Conference Programme 2024


Managing Sepsis on the front door

02 Oct 2024
AGM Clinical Theatre B

Sepsis is responsible for approximately 50,000 deaths and 250,000 hospital admissions in the UK per year. The overall mortality rate for patients admitted with septic shock is approximately 40%.In the most severe cases, septic shock ,for every hour that appropriate antibiotic administration is delayed, there is 10% increase in mortality ,this highlights the importance of early identification of sepsis , early source control  and timely administration of antibiotics. During this presentation Dr Butt will be sharing cases to understand what is,what is not  sepsis? Importance of early detection of sepsis at the front door & principles of management of sepsis in light of recent clinical evidences, with updates from surviving sepsis guidelines.

Faisal Bashir Butt, Consultant Acute Physician - Russells Hall Hospital